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@VenturaHighway wrote:

@1ProfessorAnother Coach bag that I like to carry.

@VenturaHighway  Truly classic lines!


TODAY Coach just introduced a new simple, luxe leather, drawstring:





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90’s Coach Bucket bag

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@Ilovetea wrote:

90’s Coach Bucket bag


@Ilovetea    A Coach classic.


I have this version, with wee Woodstock:



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Ahhh...brings back such sweet memories.  I would love to own this bag.  Unfortunately, I can no longer tolerate shoulder bags.  

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BRIGHTON ROSALIE MAROON LEATHER Crossbody COIN PURSE CLUTCH 3D Flower@1ProfessorI finally got to go to my consignment shop and bought this cute Brighton tiny crossbody. Not sure what year it was made, still researching.

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I'm trying to decide which bag is "my iconic" handbag.  Not totally sure of the definition ... I looked it up online.



What is the definition of the word iconic?
The definition of iconic is someone or something that is a representation of something else. An example of iconic is the Eiffel Tower being a symbol of Paris.
So - which of my handbags is a representation of me?
Easy enough ... Fabric Totes ....  
I collect totes as souveneirs when I travel.  I buy colorful totes when and where I find them.  I "decorate" totes with freeform fiber art.  
I honestly do not know how many totes I own.
I used one of my Las Vegas totes yesterday.  
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@1Professor ,

I have a few my favorite is a black Chanel caviar leather with a gold medallion that my mother gave me. The second is the devotion bag from D&G another staple for my wardrobe. I do not know why I gravitate  towards the black. Should be more courageous regarding colors🌻

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A Chanel classic shoulder bag has always been on my wish list.  It may happen someday, but time is running out, and its doubtful that I would spend the $$ on one unless I got lucky one day.


In the meantime, I do have some nice bags.  Sorry, I don't know how to post pictures.  I have a Gucci shoulder bag that is a beautiful tan color with a heart logo on the front and a long suede tassel at the end of the top zipper.  That tassel thing is so long and fringey that its actually kind of a pain when zipping and unzipping the bag.  But it is an iconic bag none the less.


My favorite is a black quilted Ferragamo shoulder bag that is large like a tote with the iconic "bow" on the front and a chain strap.  Very similar to a Chanel, but Ferragamo is Italiano not French.


I used to think my original Isabel Fiore bags were really something.  This is long before they were featured on QVC under an umbrella branch of the company.  They had such intricate beading and unique patterns that they were really works of art back then.  I still have a couple.  I recently tossed one because the leather shoulder strap was fraying and about to break.  I was tired of it, had it for about 25 years even though the body of it was like new.  Good topic to discuss all these favorite bags.  Woman Happy

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