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Is it better to just  skip white? I had a light color Dooney that got some of the color off my jeans last year.


If I get a white bag, I would probably only use it when going somewhere special.


On the fence......any thoughts?

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It is a personal thing for me but I would never carry a white handbag or wear white shoes.  When I was growing up I noticed that anytime I saw a white bag or shoes they were soiled and looked cheap.  Even if you walk out the door with them looking perfectly clean and nice, it only takes a second for them, especially shoes, to get dirty and then they just spoil anything else you are wearing. 

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The last time I wore white shoes and a white bag was on Easter Sunday when I was 11 years old.  Since then, they just remind me of little girls.  The only white shoes I have are a pair of sneakers, and I don't own a white bag, leather or otherwise.

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So many years ago (before QVC even) I bought a lovely white leather bag.  I swear it still looks brand new.  Reminds me not to buy what I don't really think I'll use every time I see it on my shelf.  Probably bought it for a summer wedding. Not too smart of me!

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Re: White leather handbags

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I bought a white bag recently and I absolutely love it. I have twice had color transfer from clothing to leather and in both cases it was the fault of the clothing and not washing before wearing.  In one case it was color transferred onto my leather seats in my car. 

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Get that white bag!  You have to be careful about color transfer from your clothes, but that's the way it is with anything white be it your white clothing and footwear ... or furniture and car seats.  My theory about it is if I'm not sure a clothing item will rub off on my white handbags, I'll opt for another outfit.    

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I like white bags, though just like any other color, it depends on the specific bag. For years, I sort of didn't go for white, preferring an off-white or bone. While I still prefer less than a stark white, I've come to appreciate pure white bags too. Personally, I sometimes think folks spend too much time worrying about color transfer and keeping bags clean. First, a little bit of patina tends to help most (not all, but most) bags. Even if one doesn't appreciate a bit of age showing on a bag, there are so many reliable products for cleaning leather and non-leather bags out there.

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Nothing looks more fresh and like Summer than a beautiful white bag!    I own several and have never had a color transfer off my clothing to mine but I do wash especially jeans or dark colors before wearing.  I would think that a light Summer colored bag would also transfer color to them just like a white one might.  As someone else mentioned they sell great leather cleaners now also. 


I own a lot of colored bags also and often worry about them clashing with my outfits so i tend to go for the whites more often. 


It is entirely up to you and if you like the bag in white or not and if you are going to use it.  Good luck with your choice!

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I like white bags.  I just purchased a white Dooney drawstring bag, and I wear it with anything that it goes with during the spring, summer and fall.  I think you ought to buy it.

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@Nataliesgramma You might want to try a white Saffiano leather handbag because they are more durable and wipe clean. I don't know if this is your style, but here is one to check out A266575




Here is another one A264461: