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Re: What handbag are you carrying today?

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That is a beautiful LV bag. ❤️


My Boss is a Huge LV, fan, I think she has 4 of them, although, only 2 are recent. Her Husband bought her the latest, when they were in Las Vegas, for their 25th wedding anniversary. 


She tells me, "don't buy mid priced bags, save that money, and you can have one". It's not working, so well 😳


I think your boss has the right idea... and wish I'd pursued that path before I started accumulating all these middle of the road bags I've got... I remember a few years back there was a poster here who had done just that and her bag collection, while not extensive, was fabulous... At the time, I decided it was probably too late for me to go that route but that I might try to anyway... But alas, I've faltered along the way and so I'm now stuck with an endless supply of nice-but-nothing-special bags and just a couple of truly nicer specimens...




Abbye, my Boss, and her Hubster, are both 58. Their financial goal, is to retire, at 60. They have 2 Daughters, and 4 Grandkids, that live in San Diego.  They plan to move down, on retirement. 


Between the the retirement thing, and the much higher cost of living, in San Diego, she said they'll be no more LV bags.  They're going to be downsizing over the next 2 years, and she said they plan, to try and live, as closely as they can, to what their retirement budget, will be. That way they can save money, and also get used to a tighter budget. 


She said that's also probably why, she couldn't talk Hubby into a piece of LV luggage, for the anniversary😈😈


Well, at least those she has, she'll have for a lifetime... And good for her !! I'd love to have a vintage LV trunk for use in the house, but otherwise, not so much the luggage... I don't travel that widely these days to warrant it and honestly, I'd be afraid it would disappear... San Diego... ahhh, such beautiful weather...

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Re: What handbag are you carrying today?

I have never been anywhere near a LV handbag, and the most expensive handbags I own are 2 of the D&B Florentine leather satchel with pockets in black and natural (A239408...retail price of $448). I find the quality is superb and I'm grateful to have gotten these two bags at the QVC 'as is' price at the time a few years ago.


With that said, can someone explain to me what is the big difference in quality between a D&B and a LV other than the 'status' of having one....considering the prices are off my radar unless I win the lottery.


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Re: What handbag are you carrying today?

@Susan Louise @stevieb @EdithEllenLily & others:


Why would anyone want to pay for a Louis Vuitton handbag? @Susan Louise asked.

Great question.


I created a handbag thread for you, because it was worth thoughtful answering, Why Some Love the Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag

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Re: What handbag are you carrying today?

First off--I am not a handbag girl--I will not pay hundreds of $$ on a purse--just not a big deal to me. But I have been trying to find a good, 100% leather bag that I can wear as a shoulder bag or crossbody, that has organization inside and a few pockets on the outside. I wanted it to be soft and supple and have a wide strap that won't cut into my shoulders. And I don't want a suitcase size one either. So........went to Macys Sunday, and found a Fossil brand with ALL the above listed features---and the angles was originally $200, but on sale for $141--still too much for me. But then all the coupons and special offers kicked in and I walked out the door with my dream bag for-------------------------------------$78!!!!. Such a good deal. I will carry this for a very long time!!  I LOVE Macys!!!!!