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Re: What brand would you buy......

I switched to Coach a few years ago (I have outlets near me and they also do sales online) after I got tired of replacing my bag every 3-6 months because it wore out or broke.  After I added it up, it was worth spending $100 or so on a few of their bags many that I've now had for a year or two and still look brand new.   I'm about as frugal as you get on stuff like this but it really does save money in the long run to upgrade to one of the nicer brands if you are hard on your stuff and are looking for quality.   

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Re: What brand would you buy......

Vince Camuto makes some very nice bags with soft leather. To me, they're a cross between Michael Kors and Coach.

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Re: What brand would you buy......

I really like Hobo International bags, and I order directly from them online.  There are several stores here, south of SF, that sell the bags if I want to see them first.

The leather is beautiful; there are usually outside pockets and feet.  I also like that the brand shows a model or manequin, so you can see its size on a person.

They are in the $ 150-$ 350 range, but they are worth it.

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Re: What brand would you buy......

@faeriemoon wrote:

Just personal opinion here, but I tend to avoid bags that have a large teenager following.  I feel Kors is one of those brands.

I agree!  At one point it was Coach and now it is Kors for the young ones.  I see that Coach is gearing towards them again with their new designer.

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Re: What brand would you buy......

Its been Fossil for me the past few years.  Simple and nice color variety. 

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Re: What brand would you buy....

I love Brahmin bags, they are so well made and last forever. I also like Frye, so very durable and yet not old-ladyish Smiley Happy I had a Frye that I used forever, before anyone ever heard of them. I think it was one of the best bags I've ever owned. The leather is thick yet soft and pliable. I have my eye on a Brahmin right now. I still have the checkbook wallet I got with my 1st Brahmin about 20 yrs. ago, there still isn't a wear mark on it, and I use it daily.

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Re: What brand would you buy......

I am done with Coach and Dooney. They all look the same to these days! I agree that Brahmin is gorgeous and will last forever.


 I have always liked the Fossil bags and now I have a Vince Camuto crush!


Good luck with your decision!

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Re: What brand would you buy......

I have three Vince Camuto bags now and they are my favorites.  They are beautiful, well made, and have great organizational features (pockets and compartments), and I find them to be lightweight compared to my other leather bags.

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Re: What brand would you buy......

I recommend Fossil handbags.  LOve the soft leather and a lot of their bags do have outside pockets.  The quality is superb.  I never had any problems with these bags.  Gotten compliments and I think their quality is just as good as if you bought a Dooney or a Coach bag.  I get email from them and they usually have good sales.  They've been around for years this company.  Love the Preston Flap bag.  Perfect size and nice organizaiton to this bag.  

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Re: What brand would you buy......

I'm an LV and Gucci girl. while i don't love all the styles, I'm so into the ones I have. 

on the other end of the spectrum, when I travel, i carry only nylon bags such as le sport sac and baggallini cross body. it's light and easy to clean. 😊