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I just stumbled upon Vince’s handbags, has anyone ever tried his bags?  I see a satchel named Beatt and it looks good, I really like the grey color. Let me know if anyone has tried his bags and if they are any good.  Thanks

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Re: Vince Camuto, anyone tried?

I have a satchel... Nice bag... I paid less than half of the price they're charging here... No shipping...

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Re: Vince Camuto, anyone tried?


The designs are very nice I also think that after Vince died there is something going on with the brand.

All what I have ( shoes and bags) are from HSN always free shipping. 

Tried their clothing line and it is not for me, too big and too much polyester, very photogenic though🌻

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Re: Vince Camuto, anyone tried?

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I have two drawstring hobos, that were purchased at B&M stores a few years ago. The leather is buttery soft glove leather, and excellent quality. I liked the first one (in black) so much, l went back to purchase the same style in dark grey. Both bags were purchased at sale prices. As nice and high quality as they are, they're not worth the full retail price, IMO.


ETA: This is the bag:



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Re: Vince Camuto, anyone tried?

I bought one of crossbody bags when he was on HSN.  My DD liked it so much I gave it to her.  Good quality leather.

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