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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

Lug fan here, but these vinyl bags are way over priced, and the Pacer style looks like my grandmother's bag.  Love my little Lug crossbody carousel. Stick with what you do best Lug. 

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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

They can call  these man-made bags anything they want but they are still vinyl and plastic.  You don't want leather? I can understand that but let's be real.... man made products do not last as long as leather (unless your man-made item is Louis Vuitton's extra special material that they produced and will not allow anyone else pivvy to it).....  all you have to do is go to many thrift shops and take a look at the vinyl/plastic handbags that were donated compared to any leather ones you find.  


I have and have had many of these handbags but am quite willing to pay a small percentage of what a leather handbag costs and have it only last a few seasons rather than pay hundreds for leather.... but don't re-arrange the verbage to imply that the materials are something other than a man-made plastic/vinyl.   Vegan leather is not leather at all!  It's a man-made product and unless it's made as superbly as an LV, then I'm not interested.

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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

I won't buy any vegan leather, AKA faux leather.  Especially for the price I've seen on most products.



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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

I think the last thing the world needs is more plastics.

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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

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I know right?


As far as the Lug vegan leather, I'll  buy real leather for that price. 



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Re: Vegan Faux Leather Handbags

I found a lovely Vegan bag in Marshall's that looked and flt exactly like good leather. Love it!