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Re: UPDATE - My dilemma w/straps

@pommom a wide shoulder strap cross body bag or a medium size hobo should do the trick.I did have the same issues.A medium soft leather hobo that molds to the body with a wide shoulder strap with a drop strap with a handle drop of 10 to 12 inches. Also a messenger hand bag with a wide shoulder strap. A handbag with multiple straps will fall off the shoulders as well as the round roll straps. This has been my experience,so if the qualities I listed above are not there I don't purchase.

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Re: UPDATE - My dilemma w/straps



Thanks for your input.  Oddly enough the strap that absolutely works is the thin one on the vintage coach bags.  Never slipped. The thicker ones start sliding off in no time.  I did find something that prevents slipping.  It is a strip with adhesive on one side.  You peel the adhesive and apply it to the strap.  

Waiting for it to arrive.

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Re: UPDATE - My dilemma w/straps

 I use purse gummies and they work great. 

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Re: UPDATE - My dilemma w/straps

This isn't a solution for everyone, but I have had custom straps made at that make my bags perfect. Their leather work and materials are impeccable.


I am mostly a Dooney lover. Hobo's never seem to have a drop long enough and their crossbodies bang around between my knee and mid thigh. For what they cost, a person should not have to look elsewhere for a strap that works. 


But when I buy an expensive bag I'm willing to spend a bit more to make it perfect. Mautto sends leather samples in the mail so that you can pick the right color by holding it next to your bag, and you choose the leather, length, width of the strap and the hardware.


Again, not for everyone but it works for me.