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Anyone figured out how to know when travelon products are on air or available on wait list?

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I feel like they haven't been on as much as they used to be. But other than checking New Items everyday or just keeping an eye on the Travelon products for restocked items I'm not sure how else to know when they might be on air. 

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Hi Peri, I don't ever recall seeing a full show dedicated to travelon, so looking at the program guide to see what might be presented in the future is not going to be helpful.


The fastest way I find information about Travelon bags is to go to the home page and in the search area at the top of the main page (in the middle) type in Travelon.


You should get this page


Under the picture of the 3 pouches (current pic for travelon) you will see all of the Travelon products on QVC, which also includes some luggage related items.


There will be a little icon (VIDEO) that will indicate the item has been presented on the air and there is a video for it.


In order to determine if something is on waitlist, when you are in the item's page, if you select a color that is not immediately available,  you will be shown 'on waitlist' or 'not available/sold out'.


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QVC isn't the only game in town. Travelon bags are sold elsewhere and often at better prices. Personally, I'd let Google be my friend and not wait around for QVC, so I could  probably pay more and pay higher shipping.

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