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Re: That leather (?) bag on the first Q page is beautiful!!!

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@JavaQueen wrote:


How funny


Three different bags. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. LOL.

All are great, btw.


I know about the Brenna and have had a flew Florentine satchels. Gorgeous. Dooney at its best is the Florentine. There is no qurstion of that.


The one that stopped me was that gorgeous red bag on the splash page of Q's web site. They call it a Florentine Toscana domed satchel. Is that a pretty bag in red. I am partial to red bags and love the domed satchel in this. 

@JavaQueen  That bag looks sophisticated, but for me, the down side is the handles that don't go down. That alone would drive me nuts...LOL  For that kind of money, surprised the design wasn't more thought out Smiley Happy