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Nash totes can be 2-3 lbs empty, but, I don't care.

ROFL  I'm no lightweight.

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I guess I'm in the minority as well. You know,when this style (worn as a chest bag) first came out I really scoffed at it. Until I decided to try one. My very first one was a bit of a different style (Not designer) but cute. I tried it and was hooked! I now have about 25 chest bags in mostly leather but a couple Vera ones and a few other nylon styles. Some look like a Fanny pack and some like a teardrop and some are a rounded rectangle that zips from the top and the strap can be clipped on either side.

I have never been a big bag gal, always small and crossbody. I am not in my 20's....or 30's....or 40's....(I'll leave it at that). I get compliments on these bags alll the time.


I ordered the TLV in chestnut 😍