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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?

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@Tissyanne wrote:

KVZ bags had too much hardware on them for my taste. I have never owned one of Aimee's  handbags, but this TSV today has really called my name. The Sangria is the one I chose at midnight. I love all the pockets, the way she designed that fold over  zip top that is a separate compartment, the back pocket with magnet. Heart

Hi Tissyanne -- I ordered sangria, too! Woman Very Happy What a beautiful color, and I liked it with the gold hardware. I was kind of bad and ordered an Etienne Aigner long burgundy wallet from ebay to go with it! Woman Surprised I can't wait to get both items. I hope you enjoy yours, EEL Woman Happy


P.S. I do not see the comparison with AK and KVZ regarding handbags.

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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?

@baker wrote:

I don't own any AK bags and I won't be buying the TSV, but these bags don't look like the Kathy bags to me.

Nor do I think they look like Kathy's bags.  Kathy's were just  way too busy a mess of nothing. That bling hardware on hers got more so every visit to the Q.

At least these look a little cleaner and more stylish.  Still do not like enough to buy one but they are better than Kathy's.

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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?

I've been on the fence for days about these bags....  I actually cancelled the gold and black one I loved because of my fear that the treated part of the bag would not hold up, might scratch off or rub off  (they don't say if the treatment was drum dyed).... then thought I'd go ahead an get the Camo even though I didn't want a gray camo... and then cancelled that too.   I loved the silvery one with copper hues as well but decided I just don't want silver/gray in anything right now and again, worried about the leather treatment in the long haul....


Anyone else have any concerns about the leather treatment??

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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?

I was torn between the sangria and gunmetal.  I thought the sangria was very classy looking.  But I have dark toned, solid color bags so I went with the lighter, multi-color gunmetal.  It was different than other bags I own.  I also like the goldtone hardware.

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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?

Q4U I was concerned about the leather rubbing off too. I really like the charcoal and he pretty metallic but just afraid they will discolor. I put them in my cart but didn't order. I also do not think they look like KVZ bags. Anime is a very talented designer and look the look of the TSV but will be wait for reviews and AS IS Smiley Happy

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Re: TSV....Shades Of Kathy Van Z?



Oh, well I see we both have the same great taste in handbags. I could not resist the Sangria, and I am excited to see it in person. I will be looking for a wallet also, and ebay sounds like a good place to start. I hope you enjoy your new purchases. Cat Happy