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Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Monday, 4/12)

Good morning ladies, hope all is well.


I think Spring has sprung here, we cut the grass a couple days ago and it needs it again.  I have been weeding and thinking about what flowers I am putting in this year.  I think I had a couple plants that attact humming birds die on me.  Need to think I am putting in annuals or perinneals in their place.  Anymore, I have been replacing with annuals, plants just don't last like they use to (Oh my, I am starting to sound so old).  


Started to get out the short sleeve shirts and rinse them out.  I will do it in two bunches or I will be ironing for hours.  I don't mind ironing, just not a whole bunch at one time.  Not much happening around here, I need to get back to the spring cleaning.  I have one more room upstairs and I have been doing some decluttering in it first.  I hope to start that room tomorrow.


Not much else happening here, but, the moring is young.  Hope everyone has a great morning.  What is everyone up to today?