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hiCindy2, I will do that!  Thanks much for the advice.

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Sorry, but you got scammed.  I saw that exact same ad on FB with the name misspelled. A few mos ago both a FB friend and I ordered the same bag off of FB and they even used the Q scenes in their advertising.  Took couple of months to get and it was the worst knock off I have ever seen.  It was very cheap vinyl and the logo was only the duck and not as appeared in the ad.  I keep seeing more and more of these ads on FB.  Wish there was a way to get them off.  QVC should try to do something since they are using their images.  Hope you can recoop your money!!!  

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I too used a company that is probably a scam. I called my credit card company that is connected to Paypal. They set up a dispute file for me so that I have a chance of getting money back. That is why I deleted my original post.

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Re: Shop Dooneys

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When they say "contact the seller" they are primarily thinking of sellers on eBay, etc. and of course the motive of this website is to sell their purses, which are most likely counterfeits.  Your best best is to go through a credit card company tied to PayPal.  I like PayPal but won't buy on line anywhere without using my Credit Card because of situations like this  The CC company is usually very accommodating and will work with you.... Good luck!! 


BTW, be on the lookout for counterfeit sites, some don't have off- spelling to help tip you off, some are just there, correct spelling and all.  Know your company.  For Example, Louis Vuitton has only one authentic website for brand new merchandise and that's the only site that sells their product.  They own the site.  Same as their Boutiques, they own them, they do not lease their stores to anyone.  Only LV employees work at their boutiques.   They do not allow anyone who is not an employee to sell their NEW merchandise.


Good luck and I hope you're able to get a refund. 

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