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Shariff handbags are now on Evine, he debuts the line on 11/29.

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Thanks for the heads up!


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Thanks for posting,

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I bought a Shariff wallet a couple years ago and I was dissappointed at how it very quickly looked old and worn.I get much better wear from a simple Buxton wallet.I would never buy any of his purses after this bad experience with that wallet.

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There's another Sharif show coming on this morning. I missed the one last night.

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I must comment on Shariff bags currently on Evine. They are awful! I ordered three different. All three were cheap and "plasticy". I finally gave up. They look pretty on tv. The linings of his bags don't coordinate with the outside.
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I remember his bags from Norstrom's in the 90's.... very high quality!  Nothing like what is being offered today by him even in leather....

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