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@Luvsmyfam  I don't have this purse, but I like it a lot and love this color too! Good pick!

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@BlueFinch @Overtoted! I love it! In the same boat! I exercised discipline and didn't get it! It is cute!

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WAY overpriced - $100 + tax and shipping - RIDICULOUS. I have bought DESIGNER bags at TJ Maxx and MARSHALLS for the same price or LESS.

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@layla2450 I have both marshals and Tjmax near me,and check all the time for purses.Never ever found one I like.Then I found this one on the Q,but held back.Bought 2 pairs of cuddledudds jamies

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Last night on Shawn's show they claimed that only the black and olive green were available because all the other colors had sold out.  I checked the website this morning and all colors are still available.  I realize people change their minds and don't actually check out and order, but the idea of claiming sell out when it is not true is really ridiculous 

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@layla2450  I shop TJMaxx and Marshall's and always check the handbags section.   I have rarely found "expensive bags" for less than $99.00.  At one time that was the case, but no longer

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I ended up going with the lime green.  A total departure for me, but I felt like something colorful for summer.  

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Is there an item number PLEASE.  Many thanks 

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@I am still oxox wrote:

Is there an item number PLEASE.  Many thanks 


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I don't need a tote, so no, I will not purchase.  Over the last few months I have purchased and tried using two bags from this brand.  Honestly, not that great.  I prefer Lug or Baggalinni.