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Red Handbags

I have many handbags but never owned a red one.  I saw a Rebecca Minkoff large messenger bag at Nordstroms Rack in a beautiful shade of red.  It is a blue/red.  I did purchase it but I don't know how much use I will get out of it.  Do you tend to use your red handbags alot?

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Re: Red Handbags

My mom gave me a red Kate Spade awhile ago, but I don't reach for it often.

Makes me think I should.

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Re: Red Handbags

I’ve never had a red handbag. All my bags are either black or brown. Heck I don’t even do white or beige in the summer. I have tons of bags but I just can’t for whatever reason bring myself to buy colors. I almost bought a navy bag from Brighton but settled for the black. I guess I’m either safe or boring.  Enjoy your red bag. 

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Re: Red Handbags

in all honesty, no I don’t.  I have two red Dooney bags, but ‘I don’t carry them often.  The main colors I carry are dark brown, medium brown, cognac and midnight blue. 

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Re: Red Handbags

I don't have a large handbag collection, but I do like colors.  I should say that when I had a corporate career in NYC, I only had black bags.  Now, I don't buy black, but aim for colors that go with most of what I wear, because I don't switch them out for each outfit.    I love red bags, though, and would definitely use it!  

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Re: Red Handbags

Was in Italy in May and my mission was to purchase a red leather bag...I use it every single day...I don't tend to change purses with is what it it...

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Re: Red Handbags

I use my red handbag fairy often. At first, I didn't use it much but once I got use to the look of a red bag instead of brown, I really began to like it.  I have since purchased bags in several colors and patterns.  I rarely carry a plain brown, black or tan bag these days.

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Re: Red Handbags

@Pecky, I do not own a red handbag, but if I did, I would use it all of the time.  I do not own a black or a brown bag, but I like colorful handbags.  Use yours and enjoy it.  People will always remember the woman with the red handbag.

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Re: Red Handbags

I love red but it is not a color I can wear well so I use it as an accessory.  I have two red handbags, several pairs of red shoes, some red bracelets, etc.  I wear them often.    

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Re: Red Handbags

I have many red handbags. I love the color red-in fact sometimes DH calls me "red".

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