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QVC has 3 new Lodis bags that I think are really nice for those looking to purchase leather bags.


My favorite is this ombre style:

A399905 LODIS Two-Tone Ombre Zip-Top Leather Tote - Ravan, $188.  They have 5 colors, but these 2 are my favorites:


It has a zipper top, and the phone pocket is inside.


I also like this crossbody (A399906 LODIS Leather "All Day Ready" Crossbody- Stellene - $132).  Comes in 5 colors, including classics black, saddle, and white:

The LODIS Leather Sport Satchel- Ellie (A399983) is also really nice - in 2 sizes, sale today at $162 or $180 in 5 colors





I have bought Lodis bags in the past, and they are nice high quality.

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Beautiful bags and a nice option from some of the other usual leather brand(s) here. I've had a Lodis wallet for years and it is great - very high quality. If I needed another leather bag I'd be very I'm into lightweight in my retirement years!

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Lodis is a great leather company.  I had a day planner (back in the day) that I beat the you know what out of it and I still have it and could use it today if I didn't use my iPhone!  Terrific quality.  Love the east/west bag you're showing but it looks too much like a Balenciaga bag I bought back in the early 2000's...  But that would be the only reason I wouldn't buy it if I saw it, it's really nice looking!  Woman Happy

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@NYCLatinaMe @love the blue one. Waiting for presentation.  Will probably break down and purchase. Lol!

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@EZ shopper So pretty!  Both blue bags I posted are on SALE + free S&H.  They were not when I posted this.  I don't know how long the sales may last.  The sales are almost $30 off, not insignificant in my book.  If you like them, you may want to consider buying without a presentation, because there is no guarantee there will be one.  A lot of items never see air.  There are presentations for the satchels online.  I saw them on air shortly after I posted this.  I suspect the quality is similar

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my fav is the tan color.i almost ordered but had to control myself

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Thank you @NYCLatinaMe!  I ordered the Patricia Nash Smart Deal on HSN this morning and just cancelled it.  I decided to get a black LODIS "Stellene" and also found a caramel colored Dooney crossbody at a good sale price. Both had free shipping! 👍

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@JeanLouiseFinch I hope you love it.  It's very attractive.  I love the leather.