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Another issue, how do you know when a product such as Travelon is on? Travelon is usually presented within a show listed.  

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Unless there is a whole show exclusive to one product, there's no way to be notified.  Best to check QVC.Com often to catch new items.

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I noticed that bag is shown during the morning show....7 to 9...sometimes during the noon hour...or during Shawn accessories....


You do know you can just put travelon in the search engine and all the travelon bags will show up for you to choose...many with videos for you to see...


I was lucky to see a travelon bag during the late night deals...10pm to 3am...its one of the best travelon bags ever...i bought it in four colors....

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sometimes following the rep on Fbook or Instagram they will you when they are going to be on air