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Re: Patricia Nash

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I had another problem with Macy's online ordering that I wanted to share in case it happens to anyone else.  I had been in the store yesterday and saw they my store did not have any PN accessories, so I decided to take a chance with another scarf online.  I ordered the 70's revival scarf for myself which was the one they messed my order up on originally.  I also ordered some Iris/INC bracelets which I had seen in store yesterday.  (The round bead bracelets.  They are cute and not too big.)  And then I ordered the Urban Decay lipstick pallette.  Well, when trying to place my order I got a technical difficulty message which said they were having trouble and if it kept happening to call customer service.  So I went back later and tried to place the order again, still getting the message.  I just figured the website was having problems.  Well, later last night I noticed I had gotten 2 emails saying they had received my order.  So the order actually went through both times, even though it never showed me that.  I called customer service and they said they couldn't cancel the extra lipstick order, but did cancel the scarf and bracelets.  She said I could just refuse the lipstick on the extra order when it came.  I investigated on the website, where I could still not access the orders on my account and saw that you only have a 30 minute window in which to cancel your order! 


So anyway, just be careful if you get that message don't try to order again, but check your email to see if it went through.  Very frustrating.  Not sure what is going on with Macy's lately, because I've never had too many problems before, other than I think they were overloaded with online orders last Black Friday and the website was having problems.  I do want to buy from them because I signed up for that Thanks for sharing deal, but this is getting crazy.


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FYI: This adorable PN '70s retro patchwork canteen-style crossbody is $67 at Macy's site, originally $149. (It's a limited-time special). It's hand-sewn, and the inside has one zipper compartment and two slip pockets. I'm not a crossbody girl, but l couldn't resist ordering this one, lol.



Couldn't resist huh, Lumpster...



Love that!

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