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I have a couple Patricia Nash bags and I like them.  I only own one Dooney and honestly I;ve never used it once!   No reason, just haven't carried it yet.  I believe it's a backpack type which I used to solely carry but the last several years I have become a fan of the crossbody bag.  I too purchased her TSV crossbody (PN) recently and love it, though I haven't switched over to it yet.  I will for the fall.  

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You should really try Patricia Nash.  Have many Dooney's, Coach's.the Nash's  bags are light, fresh, fun and different. Brahmins are beautiful, they are very dressy.

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I'd say there's room in one's handbag wardbrobe for both, Neither is my favorite brand, but I like both Dooney and Nash. I don't tend to use my Dooney bags much these days, I do use my Nash bags more often and while they, perhaps, aren't quite as sturdy, assuming one has several bags that they switch back and forth, I don't find 'quality' to be an over-riding issue. I think it's unlikely one would wear bags from either brand out. 

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I much prefer Dooney.  I've found too many design flaws in PN, and I think the Dooney leather is far superior. 

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@Katcat1 wrote:

Dooney all the way.  Nash is a very trendy brand and the styles come and go.  As far as quality -- Dooney.

I agree that Nash hasn't been around that long and that they have become trendy but the styles she decides to create are based in very large part on old styles and traditional ways of processing leather.  The hand tooling has been around a very long time.  I have handbags purchased from Tijuana in the 60's.and one of the reasons I chose the rose hand tooled special value.  Which btw is extremely well made and I'm more than happy with it!  


I also love Dooney as it was my first Designer love. I couldn't afford to buy a Dooney back then so I actually got my first Dooney from a Thrift shop.  Paid more than I should have, but it was worth it.  I eventually sent it to Dooney for repair but it was too far gone and they offered me the same style, any color, brand new at half price......WOW.... it was a birthday present from DH and I finally had the bag of my dreams.


I have loved handbags since I was a kid.  Two handbags I received as a kid.... a beautiful bead shoulder bag that was so small it hardly held anything but I loved it.... and a suede bag with a zipper on the top, loved that one too....


My love of handbags is just as strong today .....    

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You can get both for way less in Marshalls and hold them to see what you like. They're very very different brands.

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Dooney leather is superior and the bag holds its quality like iron.  Dooney no doubt!