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I'm not a handbag person (probably because of my long career and having to lock it up).  Going out for a few lunches a month does not justify this purchase!  (So, I'm not)!!!


ONLY 3,000.00!!!!!  Bogetti Vetena!!!


Image 1 of Bottega Veneta The Pouch clutch

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Kinda looks like a half filled black trash bag. 

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That looks like a bean bag chair!

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@Misplaced Parisian wrote:


@Misplaced Parisian Love it!  Maybe I'll run into a near copy.  I love gathering and drapeing.  I'm sure that's what hooked me.

I heard, however, that the structured bags are big this year according to all of the bloggers.


I'd LOVE to get a copy from HOBO.  Their leathers are SO beautiful!!!Smiley Happy

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Maybe it looks better in person.  Not something I would pay $300. for.

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As much as I  might say "I would never", the truth is I have really no idea what I might do if I had 50 million in wealth -   although I'm close to certain, I'd never spend it on that particular bag. 

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So true  Lol

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Just looks like a hunk of leather to me.

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Re: OH My GOSH!!!!!

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Always liked this designer known for their woven leather handbags that many copied.