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For those of you who love the Brenna bag, there are 4 new colors, although the color swatches aren't up yet. You can check them out on the Dooney site.  They are Mint, Desert, Hot Pink, and I think Melon.  I love the style with the outside pockets and all the rest. btw the idemtical style is also,available in Python leather, and two other sizes and patterns.  The other two are very stiff leather and one is really big.  I bought and love the gray Python, the only difference is the logo and there is no extra accessory. The other two are beautiful but a bit stiff. If you like a bag which really holds its shape you'll be happy.

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Re: New colors Dooney Brenna

@Nikalette I saw that I own this one in hunter and really really love it! I'm excited to see what melon looks like although I also love the mint. Hopefully they show it on the shows this weekend.