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The brand doesn't appeal to me (not a fan of tooled leather), but it's for those who like the style and it appeals to their budget. 

One thing you should know; they have transitioned into using pleather on the straps and trim. When they started out, they were all leather.

Also, some of their bags are now all pleather or what they call "vegan leather. Madi Studio, I think. 

They also have an all leather line; you would pay more, but nowhere near  what you would pay for MRSP on Dooney and Bourke bags.

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I am so happy to see that they now have vegan leather bags- and they are nice and soft like real leather. I have many leather bags, and used to be somewhat of a leather bag snob, but then I found out where a lot of the leather comes from.  You know those sacred cows in India? Well there are a lot of them. Read about it.

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I bought one several years ago.  While I liked the organization I did not like the leather which seems to be coated with some clear plastic on many bags.  They also seem to have gotten more expensive lately.  In my opinion too expensive for what they are.