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One of my TSV (yellow) just shipped out. The diamond blue/white is still in process. Eager to see the yellow one. Should be here soon as it is coming UPS. YAAAY!


Hope the rest of you waiting for yours to ship will have positive results today too!

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Mine shipped out today also Heart


Lug RFID Medium Crossbody with Wallet - Ranger and Rodeo 2

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What does it say when it is really shipped? I got an email that mine had shipped on the 9th and there is no tracking on number issued as it has never been sent to ups. They are still waiting for item and it is the 16th...
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I received my navy TSV today...LOVE! I knew what to expect with the Ranger since I had a black one from a couple of years ago. I didn't need the wallet...I use the Lug Tram. My favorite parts are the back pocket to hold my Kindle e-reader and the front pocket for my huge fitover sunglasses. I use the zippered pocket in the main compartment for the charger/cord for my 21 yr old flip phone and e-reader. I also love the convienent top handle for easy grab and go.  Smiley Very Happy

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I got my yellow flowered one yesterday. I put everything from a large-ish Dooney satchel into it and from the Dooney wallet into the little wallet that came with the new bag. I used the outside back pocket for my masks, gloves and that sort of thing. I really love the way this bag looks and it really holds a lot. I will enjoy this for the springtime. It goes with my bright yellow spring jacket. 



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My Diamond White/Blue TSV is out for delivery! YAAAY!! It was stuck in New York for quite a while, with the explanation from UPS that there was a "trailer delay." It traveled across the country within one day. Shows that it can be done in a shorter period of time when the carrier/UPS gets it in their hands.


Still loving my yellow TSV. Pretty sure I will be equally pleased with the blue/white.

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My blue/white is still on backorder. Apparently 12:15AM on TSV day wasn't early enough 🙄
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@JeanKC Received my blue/white yesterday and love it! Yes! Yes! Yes! Will go well with so many things, including jeans.


I ordered mine later on during the TSV day. Go figure! But it did get hung up in New York for a few days.


Am using my yellow one today with my yellow and hunter green outfit. Looks lovely. I will change to the blue/white tomorrow for an all white outfit I have planned for the day. It will be in the 90's temperature-wise, so I think I will look really cool (literally!). Heart


One thing I will mention is that when my blue/white bag was not moving, I contacted Customer Service and they told me to give it a few more days to see what happens. And she said: "If there is no movement in a few days, we will cancel your order and refund the money to you BECAUSE THAT COLOR IS TOTALLY SOLD OUT." So I am glad mine came thru. 


If something has happened to yours, hopefully someone will return their blue/white because it wasn't exactly what they thought it would be, and it will go back into inventory "as is," and be even less money than the TSV, but still be brand new.

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@World Traveler  Do you like one color better than the other, even slightly?  I'm curious because I really liked both but only got the yellow ( which I love) because I thought the white would show dirt even more and also because the pattern looked like little crosses (even the host at midnight said that) and being Jewish I thought Iight be uncomfortable carrying it.  But I digress. I'm just curious if you have a preference (even slight) between the two colors?

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@Pearlee No, I really don't have a preference. I love them both equally.


I really only wanted the yellow because I had outfits to go with them. But when someone posted about using the blue/white with blue jeans, I was sold! And then I went thru my closet and found quite a lot of white (jeans/slacks and tops mostly white in them), and thought "what the heck; why not?" So glad I decided to also have the blue/white diamond.


I believe I will use them equally as often.