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I have 5 Lug Carousel bags and I hope they never stop making that style. They are super lightweight and have the perfect number of pockets/zipper compartments for me. The only one I wouldn't buy again is a light colored one .I am tough on my bags and throw them in the trunk when going in the gym, dump them on the floor, etc. and that one has become soiled. I machine washed it but can't really get it clean .I shoulf have washed it sooner. At any rate, I love them and all the rest of my bags sit unused in the closet and I'm ready to give them away.  When I dress up more, I usually switch to a small clutch or s but the Lug is my perfect everyday bag.

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I have eight Lug bags and love every one of them.  I have Cabby, Bumper, Wings, Flyer, Carousel, Double Dutch, Shimmy and Trolley.  I've even given them as gifts  and they've been very well received.  The organization is the best and I love that they are light weight and convertible from shoulder to short shoulder to cross body  and some to waist bag.  So, go ahead and dive into Lug.  Your shoulders will thank you!

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I have Lug bags and like them. They are very lightweight. However, I think they are fairly cheaply made. The fabric is cheap and, for example, the elastic on pockets such as for cell phones, isn't very "elasticized" and is often just gathered rather than expanding and contracting, contributing to my opinion of cheap construction.  i haven't owned any long enough to speak to how they hold up.  What I like about them is how lightweight they are and all the organization features.   Many have complained on this board that the magnets that are put in them don't work very well (not strong enough).


I do highly recommend Baggalini bags which are the same idea as Lug but are much better made.  Better, more sturdy fabric is used and most of them also have great organization.  Although at retail they are pricey, TJMaxx and Marshall's often carries them, which is where I bought all of mine, at really great prices.  I wouldn't buy one at retail price but those are darn good bags!  Very well made.

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One that i bought, the lining on one side came apart the second time i used it ,for the life of me i can not find where i bought it ,either qvc, or zuilly but can not find receipt.

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I love the Lug bags I have.  They are more like everyday bags.  Lightweight with super organization.  They don't weigh on your shoulders and make some nice crossbodies.  I switch out to a Dooney or Oryany when I am going out somewhere.  My favorite Lug bag is the Scoop which is the ultimate organizer bag.  I also have the Flapper, the Shimmy, and the Carousel.  I have the larger Windjammer as well, and also the Puddle jumper I use for travel.  As to holding up to heavy use, I don't know.  If you pull or tug on the bags, get them caught on things, put them on the floor and are generally hard on them, they might not hold up.  They can be found on sale for around forty nine dollars so you can buy another one.