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F13028 I bought this because my old wallet was so heavy. I am constantly endeavoring to lighten the weight of my purses.I've looked and looked for a new wallet but none had enough pockets for all my store cards , library cards,club cards, ID cards that unlock doors,passport card etc etc etc. Well this one - 17 pockets and it's RFID protected . Fabric so it's very lightweight. Really, the only weight is from what I loaded into it. Also, because it is RFID protected I don't have to carry those heavy RFID protector cards behind my CC , passport and drivers license.

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Re: Love my new LUG wallet

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I love the Splits too. Smiley Happy  It's really cute.



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I'm glad you found a wallet you love! I have a whole host of Lug products and every one of them has been fantastic.

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@151949 I have a Lug wallet that I bought about a year ago and I love it. It has 14 cc slots and I also bought the matching handbag. It can be a cross body or over the shoulder bag. I love it. It's small but holds a lot of stuff and very light weight. It's call Gold but it is more like a neutral beige color. Goes with everything. I reach for this bag a lot. 

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I love my new Lug crossbody bag too. It's too small for everyday but good for quick runs. My daughter didn't llike it and I said good, then you won't be jealous. It is an "old lady" look but if the shoe fits....