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Hello ladies......A few years ago I purchased a Lemon Hill Handbag from QVC and I love it!  Apparantly they are no longer sold thru QVC.  I have been able to find a couple on Ebay, but not in any retail stores or other shopping channels.  Do any of you remember Lemon Hill handbags and have you seen them for sale in any stores?  Thanks so much.





east bank 73

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I assumed that it was a QVC house brand, which they killed when they started selling the   "Vera Bradley" bags, which are pretty much the same flowery cloth bags, right? I don't know the Bradley name, either, but that's just because I don't buy that sort of thing. 

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@east bank 73

Welcome to the community!    In the search box, I typed in Lemon Hill Handbags. There are several discussions on this brand to read through. HTH



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east bank 73,

I remember the lemon hill handbags, but, I think Vera Bradley is what the Q is showing for awhile now.

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Lemon Hill was a QVC house brand that was their version of Vera Bradley.  Once they brought on the Vera Bradley brand, they dropped Lemon Hill.  Ebay is probably your best bet to find Lemon Hill.

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First, NOT a VB fan at all. Also, years ago I bought a darling Lemon Hill bag, lightly quilted, used it all and I mean ALL the time for a few years until it just finally wore out! I had washed it a couple of times, did great. When I went to look for another on Q, they were gone.


Didn't know they dumped LH and took on VB. Not a fan, but sure miss Lemon Hill.

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Gosh, I still have a LH duffedl bag I use all the time - it is a very pretty black background with turquoise flowers on it. It has to be at least 10 years old.

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LH definately had prettier fabrics than Vera B does. I had a very pretty yellow & turquoise purse and my duffel bag is very very pretty.

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I still have a Lemon Hill duffle too,  I use it to go to Md. to visit my son...put all the cosmetics, blow dryer, curling iron....ect in it.....they were so much cheaper than VB bags...and very well made.  I do miss them on the Q....