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@bargainsgirl wrote:

I have 2 Dooney bags and another beautiful leather tote which was my mom's.  Since I retired,  I find I only use my nylon Kipling bag (which I have machine washed!), a small Travelon crossbody, and a Hedgren crossbody.  THey are all lighweight which I love.

SO now I am thinking of taking all my leather bags to the consignment shop since I never use them.  A part of me hates to part with them but no point in them going unused.

@bargainsgirl  I have several med./lg. Dooney leather hobos although my everyday bag is a small nylon crossbody. I wouldn't purchase any new leather bags, but keep these because traveling, even by car, they hold ALL my stuff until I reach my destination. 

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I have a beautiful MZ Wallace nylon bag that retails for $425.  It's trimmed in leather with gorgeous silver hardware.  I believe it's the heaviest bag I own. 

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I prefer leather or faux leather bags over nylon. All my bags are smaller and lightweight leathers.


I tried a nylon bag a few years ago. It cost a lot for a nylon bag IMO, but I liked the compartments & organization of it.  The strap started tearing within a few months. I don't weigh down my bags with tons of stuff anymore so I guess it was a lemon or just poor construction. I've never had that happen to a leather or faux leather bag ever, even when I did carry big bags with a lot of stuff. I don't think I'll buy nylon again. 

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I can do both.  I have a kipling that I use all the time if I'm going to the gym.  Since Covid, no more gym for me.  I've had it a very long time too.  It does fall off my shoulder if it's not weighty enough.


I've considered other high end Nylon but I read reviews that the shoulder strap won't stay put.  Why spend that kind of $$$ for it to annoy me like that?


I prefer leather, but will do a nice coated canvass like a Dooney doctor satchel I own in Pink or an MCM tote.  I'll do nylon too if the price is right.

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I actually do not carry a purse very much.  I find it is a lot easier just to carry my wristlet, which is a travalon. Not having a purse feels so nice when I am shopping.  I have not carried my dooneys for a while because I find them too heavy.  I do prefer nylon if I have to carry one. Smiley Happy

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I prefer faux leather or fabrics.  Leather is too heavy and usually too stiff.  I think I only have one leather bag left.

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Love Dooney nylon bags, great quality. Not the nylon you think.

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I recently re-discovered a LeSport Sac bag I had from at least ten years ago.  It's SOOOO lightweight.  It really highlighted how heavy some of my other bags really are. 


That prompted me to look at their website.  They were having and sale.  I got cute black print hobo for $53. The shipping has been super slow.  I ordered it last week and it is scheduled to be here at the end of this week!  It must be on the slow boat.  But I am excited to get it and see if I love it as much as the other one. 


I am getting away from leather, too.  There are so many great fabrics made from recylced materials.  They are lightwieght and more environmentally friendly.  

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My sister has famous brand bags.  She has a Chanel, and a Prada.  (She's a lawyer)  I dislike handbags.  I only have two.  A Coach (which my sister gave me)  It's sits in a corner.  Never use it.  I have a Lug.  It fits my phone, otherwise I would not use it. I'm just not crazy over bags. Someitmes when I go to work, instead of my Lug, I cary a cloth bag over my shoulder.  It holds my lunch, umbrella, etc.  Whole bunch of stuff.