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Larger Lug Switch Crossbody Bag

I received a Lug Switch Convertible Crossbody Bag as a gift, purchased on QVC, and really like it, especially the front wallet compartment with turn key lock closure.  I broke my right wrist and this handbag makes it easy for me to get to my credit cards & Ids.  It is a little small, however, so it would be nice if Lug had a larger version of the bag.  If anyone knows of a larger Switch bag I'd really appreciate knowing about it.  Or of another Lug crossbody bag with the front wallet compartment.

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Re: Larger Lug Switch Crossbody Bag

I know that the Lug Samba XL has a front RFID wallet. I don't know how the size compares to the Switch but it's in the description on QVC. Hope that helps.  

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Re: Larger Lug Switch Crossbody Bag



Why don't you do a search for Lug bags and see what QVC has available now? There are several that have built-in wallet features.  You can check the reviews.