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I have several LUG items from a few years ago.  I recently got a wallet set and noticed the fabric seemed thinner and not put together as well as my older items.  Anyone else notice this?  Seems like everything goes downhill after they make a big profit.  Vera Bradley is another example.  Quality is terrible compared to the older items.  Too bad...

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The quality of all my Lug items is very, very good, and I have so many, from luggage to wallets, handbags, totes, water bottle holders, etc. Everything is top notch!

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I have many Lug products and have never found any problems.  My problem is too many Lug products. 

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I only carry Lug bags and I know the fabrics have changed since their inception but so far I have not had any problems with the quality or fabrics of my bags. 

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My bags have been good quality. Of course I haven't bought any lately. Why buy a new bag when I go hardly anywhere these days. 

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While I totally get your point about quality cheapening as companies succeed. It's common and not smart because they will lose their customer base.  
But I have many different lugs and none seem of lesse quality, thus far!  

Amy, please don't cheapen the quality of Lug products, lol! 🤣🤣🤣

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Re: LUG quality

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I have not seen a difference in quality in any of my Lug bags. If I did, I wouldn't have ordered the new TSV in navy last night.

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I have several bags I only use for vacations, so obviously haven't used them in a while.

Anyway, while most are good quality, one has a zipper issue and one has started to fray.

I won't be purchasing anymore of them as the quality absolutely has gone down.

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@Susan Louise wrote:

I have not seen a difference in quality in any of my Lug bags. If I did, I wouldn't have ordered the new TSV in navy last night.

I also ordered the new TSV but in yellow.  I have a Ranger from the last time it was a TSV some time last year I think.

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The last Lug handbag I purchased I liked, but the fabric the zipper was sewn to was so thin. There's no way that handbag would have lasted but maybe 6 months. I returned it. 


The rest of the bag was good, but the zipper/fabric portion was cheaply constructed.  I won't be buying another because of it.