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I LOVE Lug bags!!!!!   I am totally in love with the new Aerial 2 tote, but the price is a little steep for me.....   hoping for a free shipping day soon!!   I'm the PTA president at my school and this would be perfect to haul around all my school gear - plus my little concord flapper!

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I surely get bored with their endless presentations of multiple items that are very similar.  Most of it is luggage which doesn't seem to fit in with fashion shows, which is where is often appears.

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@rozio I'm a Lug Nut. Really enjoy the variety of travel (or other) bags they present. The vendor is very busy coming up with new ways to use their handbags, new colors, and creative ways to make a basic handbag more useful.


I have 13 Lug items, anywhere from wallets to crossover to totes to the PJ Wheelie, which I used on my last trip to Japan. I get many compliments and converts due to my use of the Lug. I'm thinking the Lug company should pay me a commission for all the people I have turned on to their bags and QVC. ha!


What amazes the people who take an interest in my Lug pieces is the many compartments and useful, thoughtful additions, such as the built-in bottle (or umbrella) holder.


Great company, great reps for the company, great product!

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@Kachina624My definition of fashion is what I choose to wear -  and I like the handbag I carry to make sense with it.  Although I haven't bought LUG or anything else that would encourage me to carry too much, I can imagine their purse-size bags being fashionable for many women and especially for those whose fashion tends to the sporty and athleticwear that I see all around me.


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Love my Lug!! Stylish,roomy & rfid protected!!

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Well we need travel bags to hold our clothes so I don't see how that's out of place in a fashion show

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They are overpriced. I own one, a crossbody.  The bottle holder is useless because the bag sits unbalanced and looks awful.

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For all you Lug lovers, Lug is on Zulilly today (Sep 19th)

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@momoftwo2007 wrote:

For all you Lug lovers, Lug is on Zulilly today (Sep 19th)


Thanks @momoftwo2007!