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Re: Help please-👜

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I personally love the ginger color.  I can't believe that bag is $500. and it appears to have a fabric strap.  I have a Florentine bag that's 12" wide, and although I don't like big bags, it always seemed very small.  I rarely use it.

@Kachina624 Don't forget it's almost 13 dollars to ship it.  Then add on 6 percent tax (maryland) on top of that.  For a tiny bag that it is, there is no way I'd pay over 500 for that bag.  

It isn't tiny at all, but I am not a big bag girl, so I know that is subjective. Order from Dooney, and shipping is free. I got mine for 20% off ($100!) during Labor Day sale!  I had ordered it - happily - at full price but it was still on preorder In early sept. when their sale was announced. I think it's a bargain for the value, but, then, I know that 400 or 500 is not an expensive bag these days!