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Gili Satchel...........

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From watching the presentation, it looks like an ok bag if you carry things that are thin and are able to stack everything vertically.......if you have anything else, it looks like it would make the shape of the bag very unattractive.  Before seeing the bag and just seeing that it was a satchel, I expected something closer to the LV Speedy or Gucci Boston bag.  I'm glad I ordered the Roma 5......I'll pass on the satchel.

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@HULAGIRL I was so confused about this 'satchel' too! I compared it to the larger GILI croco foldover bag they made last year and it's just a little bit smaller but a full $100.00 less! I expected more of a satchel-looking bag, too. This one is so skinny! And it sold out! Hmmm...

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My goal in saying this isn't to be unpleasant or argumentative, but I thought that 'satchel' was utterly pointless and fully without redeeming qualities, especially at that price.

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