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I have 3 Roma 2's (ostrich brown, cream, and snake.) I love the way they carry and the design. I carried my mom's Roma 2 in black on a trip last week and fell in love with it as well! Started looking at a black Roma 2 on eBay and decided I would go with a different design. Initially I thought the stirrup satchel (smaller) in black because I really liked the pebble leather of the Roma 2. One thing led to another and now I'm considering the leather exotic stirrup in brown (S7983) or Leather Sturrup Satchel with should strap black (A264618)
The exotic is clearances price $189.50 with $3 s/h and I would be taking my chances getting a return. The stirrup satchel is smaller and I THINK same leather as the Roma 2's but I'm not sure about that?
The stirrup satchel is on eBay "new" for $150 or here at the Q for $219.74 and $11 s/h.
I would love any input about these two bags or suggestions in general.
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I love the ROMA 2 Tote.  I own 3 Cream Snake, Natural Ostrich and Expresso Lizard.  They are beautiful.  Please QVC bring back exctly that style i other colors.  I would love a black exotic. 

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I've ordered several Gili bags but the only ones I've kept and really liked are the Romas (one large, two 'medium' and two Roma II's). The others have all gone back for one reason or another. It seems to me that if you fell in love with the black Roma II that's the first one you should order. If you then want to pursue others, you can do so, but I've always found my first impressions were the ones that tended to work out best. For my money, they should've kept and expanded the Roma II line. So many of the follow-up bags, for me, have been disappointing, though I know others have liked them.

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@Rottiegrl I have the Roma 2 in black as well as the exotic hobo in the wine color and I love both of them. They are very different leathers and bags.


I just noticed that the exotic hobo is listed as only available through tomorrow, so looks like it might be removed from inventory. So if you're coveting that one, you may want to plunge sooner rather than later. It was a great deal at the Super Saturday price (originally over $400). It's only $3 shipping. It's a large bag, but carries small. You may wish to read @krissie2's review. She bought all three colors! I may pick up a second, knowing it's now or never. I bought one for Super Saturday and it was completely wrapped and new; others mentioned the same. I don't think these bags, at least most of them, were returns as it had only aired once.


I don't have the smaller Gili hobo you list, but tried the larger version of it and sent it back as the leather was too floppy for me. It's not same as the Roma 2, at least not in my versions. But many do love that bag.


Anyway, hope that helps. Smiley Happy