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Errors in DIRECTV guide

I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of wrong programs listed lately. Right now per the Directv program guide on QVC3 there should be Valerie House to Home on 7-8 but it’s Beekman 1802 that’s on. This has been happening a lot lately. Is it a Directv issue or a QVC issue? Anyone with a different cable company have the same issue?

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Re: Errors in DIRECTV guide

I dont know whose fault it is but it has always been a problem.  Once they had Lisa Robertson listed and she'd been gone for several years.  I suppose QVC makes a lot of last-minute changes and Direct TV often uses old information.

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Re: Errors in DIRECTV guide

It is wrong all the time on FiOS too.  Very annoying.

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Re: Errors in DIRECTV guide

It's probably not a mistake.  QVC probably made a programming change.

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Re: Errors in DIRECTV guide

Schedules change.  It's not DirecTV's fault that Q changes their schedule.