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Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

Unless I am going somewhere that requires a more formal look I prefer a crossbody handbag.   I have been looking at the Brahmin website and have seen a few that I like.


Over the past few months two of my leather handbags from a different company have started to peel after only a few uses.   That is very disappointing since they were in the somewhat expensive range for me.   I'm very careful with my bags and don't rough them up.


If you own the Brahmin line can you let me know if they are well made and stand up to daily use?


Also for those of you who use crossbody bags can you recommend a brand that you like.  Dooney & Bourke tend to be a little heavy for me to use on a daily basis.  I also like to carry a lot of items so I need a somewhat larger bag than just one that carries only two to three items.  

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

I have a Radley cross body bag that I like. It's leather, has held up well and has a very slim profile. Not heavy. Bought it on QVC. It is called London Medium Cross body. Only a few colors currently listed on QVC. I have it in black. It is well balanced and hangs very close to the body. Probably available in more colors on Radley site or used. Good luck with your purchase.

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

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@J Town Girl 


I'm a Brahmin and D&B lover and I have many of both and the Brahmin bags that I've had/used for many years still look like new!


Brahmin bags are excellent in quality and I've never had any peeling, wearing issues at all.


The Brahmin advantage over D&B? They're so much lighter in weight.


And you'll never find a more realistic croco in leather than Brahmin!


If you buy, you'll truly enjoy! 

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

I have a few Brahmin bags from around 2010 or so and back then they were unique and held up well. They sold the company in 2018 and since then their uniqueness has all but gone. They tend to make the same old tired bags in 40 plus different colors (check out the Katie for example. I think there is something like 40 plus colors available). I like small cross bodies in normal colors. (If you like their wild colors more power to you, just not my style) anyway, I've heard lately that since they were sold the quality has gone downhill and they start to peel. Plus they didn't used to be so shiny. I haven't bought a Brahmin in years because I just don't like the outlandish colors and most of the bags are to big. I really like Brighton. They are a bit more, unique and lightweight. I especially like their organizer bags so I don't need a wallet.

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

Hi! I'm a dedicated Brahmin fan!  Get a new one every year.  Love the quality and designs and variety.  Think my first bag was from 2008 or so and it still looks brand new. Love how whenever I am out someone always ask me about my Brahmin's. Hope this helps!

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

I have several Brahman bags.  They hold up very well and are timeless.  In my humble opinion, their moc-croc is gorgeous.

I have other brands, mainly Dooneys.  Love them all.  The bag that gets the most attention?  A faux leather Ralph Lauren Tote in black with a gold chain design.  A la Chanel.  Many years old, and so many comment on it.  Go figure.

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

Brahman have a feel to them that makes you think they'll last a lifetime, very substantial but not heavy.  I've got two but only use them when I travel so can't give a fair assessment on durability.  I do love them.

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Re: Durability of the Brahmin Handbags?

I fell in love with the pecan colored Brahmin bags but was always hesitant due to the price. I finally took the plunge and bought one. It was my daily bag, saw lots of use and held up very well. After 4 years I noticed the zipper across the top started to pull from the bag. Otherwise the bag still looked new so I went to their website and looked up their repair info. It had a 3 year warranty but I was at 4 years, so I filled out the form and sent the bag in for evaluation. Very pleased to get an email confirming their receipt of it and that they would repair it at no charge. When it was returned it looked like they cleaned and waxed it in addition to the fabulous repair. With that, they earned a customer for life and I have purchased additional Brahmin bags as a result. 
Bottom line, it's worth every penny!