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I don't mean the price. I ordered two Dooney nylon bags, the logo lock shoulder bag and the Extra large Leighton Tote. They were not inexpensive. I' will pay for quality which these bags are. But, really, Dooney, no dust bag? I have many bags and keep them in their dust bags when not in use. They keep the bags clean and prevent other bags from banging into them in my closet. For over $200 each, I think they should come with the dust bags. You come off looking like a cheap company.

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I think dooney does not provide dust bag for non leather bags. It would be nice to have them but the the non leather bags I own did not come w dust bags.

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I have never gotten a dust bag for a non leather Dooney bag.  


I feel also they should throw one in.  I mean come on, can't they spare an extra dollar for a dust bag?



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I feel about the dust bags the way I feel about boxes for most jewelry -  I have enough of them after years and years of buying. My Hobo won't be unprotected although I'm not even sure if I'll bother using a bag for my nylon Hobo.  They don't scratch the way a good leather might and I've never had one transfer color to something else.


 I think I never saw a dust bag with any handbag purchase until this century.  Not sure why because I certainly bought relatively expensive bags long before 2000 came around, but not one of those bags came with a dustbag.  That may be why I really don't care?  


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I throw the stupid bags away or, like Sue, I use them for shoes when traveling. My closet shelf is cleaner than what the bag hits in grocery stores - winter days - and other places.  My gripe is that many of the bags are made cheaply - a single thin shoulder strap that digs in the flesh of the shoulder - one pocket here - and a second pocket there.  D&B makes a fortune on these bags.  Now...... the all leather ones are worth the money, but some are just a cheap shell.

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Sorry, but Dooney has always only provided dust bags for their leather bags.  This as not changed.  Printed cotton and nylon bags do not come with dust bags.

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I heard a Dooney outlet store employee tell a customer that dust bags only come with leather bags because there could be color transfer from the blue bag on coated cotton, nylon and other non-leather handbags. The Dooney employee recommended using a clean white pillowcase for the non-leather handbags. I have also read on these boards that if you have a light colored leather handbag (like white or bone or something similar) you should use the clean white pillowcase on those as well in case of color transfer.

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You can purchase the dust covers.  Just call them. 

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I agree with OP!  Dooney  should include a dust bag with ALL of their bags not just the leather bags.  Their bags are expensive regardless if they are leather, coated cotton or nylon and the dust bags cost Donney a few pennies.


Dooney does look cheap by not including a dust bag with all of their handbags.  Why should I call them and purchase one for heavens sake when it should be included.  I use my dust bags for my handbags and I like them.  My handbags set on a shelf in my closet and they do get dusty.  If I have a nylon summer bag that I use for a few months and then put it away till next summer I want it in a dust bag to protect it. 


I think Peter Dooney and company need to bring this issue to the table and start doing their customer's a favor and start including a dust bag with ALL DOONEY BAGS!!