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Re: Dooney and Bourke Return Processing

@LAPG wrote:

I feel your pain, Shawnie!  Dooney & Bourke customer service is the WORST!  I returned a couple of bags last December but was credited for only one.  I contacted Customer Service at least a dozen times over the next couple of months while I patiently waited for the credit.  The excuses for not processing my return were endless.  I don't think they keep track of customer interactions in their system, because I had to explain my situation over and over again.  I finally was able to get the name of a Customer Service supervisor, to whom I wrote a letter.  I indicated that my last resort would be to send a letter to Peter Dooney himself!  Four months after returning my bags, I finally got my credit.  I will never buy another bag from D&B's website again--only the Q!

That is horrid.  So glad it finally worked out.  i will breath a sigh of relief when I see the credit on my statement.  

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Re: Dooney and Bourke Return Processing

I dealt with Dooney before also. I think it took two weeks before I received a refund from them. They are slooow.

Sorry to hear about your problem and hope all is resolved soon.