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Ready to take the plunge - what is your favorite D&B bag?

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I've had many through the years but the solid black satchel is my favorite.

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Florentine Large Zip Barlow.


I have it in natural and black, my fave !

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Just ordered the Libby bag in the Florentine leather with a great sale on the D&B website. 30% off and free shipping on my new bag. Love my Dooneys!

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That is a tough question, for me any way - probably why I have 29 Dooney's in my closet!  I love the satchels, but I find the hobos are much easier to carry.  But, I like the hands-free of the crossbodies as well.  I wish I could settle on one style, maybe only then would I be able to get a handle on my obsession with Dooney & Bourke!  

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Can I answer this question after Christmas? A little reindeer told me I just may be getting a new Dooney under the tree . . . . 



Holiday Hugs . . .

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Ok. I took a picture of my two favs but no booing please.



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By far, my zip zip satchel in Safiano leather.  Its a work horse.

I only have 6 dooneys. Santa is bringing me a Michael Kors this yr.  Cant beat the prices at the outlet mall.


Good luck...DB has so many beauties.  It will be hard to choose.

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I have zip zip that is the most beautiful pink for spring but I dislike it because the skinny strap digs into my shoulder,...

Also have an old aqua bag (great older hobo design, not heavy) that is a gorgeous sky blue that I also love and use in summer.

Ya know, a friend has a Nina bag, and I want one, another great older design that doesn’t weigh a ton...


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I ordered the Messenger bag in Toscana Florentine and just got it yesterday and I am loving it.  It is so easy to get in and out of, it's light weight and the color Bordeaux is so rich plus it has pladium hardware. I have ordered others and sent back because they were to heavy and didn't care for the gold hardware.