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I remember seeing that silver hardward featured on a Dooney Bag too!  Wish I had put it in my wish list as I have wondered about it also and cannot find it.  

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Some Patterson bags have silver. The AIMEE does for sure and then I want to say Maddie. In fact I want an Aimee for that reason but I want pink - and I can’t make up my mind if pink can be carried in winter too. Aargh!
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Re: Dooney & Bourke

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HELP!!!!!  Does anyone know if the D & B Ivory and Bone color is the exact same?


I have 2 beautiful Ivory accessories, ( pouch and coin purse) and want to find a handbag to match the Ivory....all I see now is Bone....


Are they the same?  I am very picky and want them to almost perfectly match..




they are pebble leather....