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Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I have never been so irritated with a company in all my life when it comes to their customer service.  My DH ordered a handbag for me for Christmas and then gave it to me before Christmas cause he thought he ordered the wrong thing.  He got the style right and the color, the size was wrong  I wanted the large Lexington.  We returned it before Christmas according to their instructions. I also called them to make sure that I was doing it correctly even though their online instructions were not clear on returns with exchanges.  I had to call three times and each time I held for over a half an hour.  Granted it was before Christmas and I can understand that.


Since nothing has showed on our credit card account (credit or charge) I decided to call them yesterday to find out of they received the return.  Once again when I called I got their usual recording that they are experiencing increased call volume and my wait time would be 5-10 minutes. I called three times yesterday and each time I held for over a half an hour.  The third time I called Iheld for 45 minutes!  Never did get through yesterday.


So today I called right away this morning.   It is now 20 minutes later and I am still holding and they have been open for only a half an hour.


If they have that much increased volume why don't they hire more cusotmer service people????  This is such poor customer service that I am tempted to tell them to forget about senndng the replacement IF I EVER GET TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE!


You might ask...why didn't I order it from QVC.....they did not have the color I wanted.


Has anyone else ever encountered this kind of poor service when calling Dooney  Bourke?  I must say that at least when one calls QVC customer service the wait time in minimal even if they are busy.


Well....I just got through - almost a half hour of waiting and then the customer service rep acts like it is too much for her to look up the order and to let me know if they recieved the return!  Since I did not have my order number she acted like it was an inconveneince to look up the order.  I told her that I was sure that it could be looked up by name and of course it could!  My return was received so I am happy about that and it sounds like the new bag is in process of being shopped.  Too late to be cancelled according to her.


Thanks for listening and let me vent.

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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I hear you. I ordered a bag and wallet combo during 12 days of Dooney. It was a great price for both. Well I received the bag but no wallet. I sent 5 emails over the course of 8 days each one demanding an answer as to where the wallet was. Never received an answer. Call 3 times, each time I waited on hold for an hour. Finally I got a real live person who told me a shipping label had been created for the wallet. Never got an email with the tracking number and never received the wallet. Called again. On hold for another hour only to be told the color wallet I wanted was out of stock. It was in stock when I ordered it and was still in stock as I was talking to cs. Never got an answer on that one. She said it will ship eventually. Needless to say the third call and another hour on hold I cancelled the wallet. Glad it wasn't a gift. 


I don't think I will ever order on the 12 days if Dooney or any other promo they may have ever again.

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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I'm so sorry you had a bad experience; several, actually.


However, I've always gotten through, NOT using the 800 #.


Further, just before the holidays, I ordered a bag for my niece. Regular shipping. It was delivered several days EARLY and ON SUNDAY by UPS!



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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I think I may have mentioned this on another thread, but Dooney's CS is terrible.  On the other hand, I have had good luck on I Love Dooney (Dooney's "official" sale website.)

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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I won't order from the main Dooney site.  The last time I did, the order went thru, but there was no record of my two past orders (even though I had a sign in password), no record of my current order, and no shipping info. I was on hold for 20 minutes with CS and they cheerily  informed me, no worries, it had shipped out already.  I did get the bag within 10 days but the company created a level of anxiety that I did not welcome. 


I have no issues with and they get most of my business.  Also, I keep an eye on Macy's Deal of the Day for Dooneys and Patricia Nash (my new fave). 

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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I also ordered a bag from the 12 Days of Dooney twice!!  The first bag I ordered was eventually canceled by Dooney because they were out of stock.  So I ordered another bag and I am still waiting for it to be shipped.  I ordered this on 12/5/15.  I've called and encountered the same issue as everyone else, however now the message is that they are so busy they can't accept the call.  I've also emailed several times and haven't received a response yet on whether my current order is in stock or not. Ughhhh, horrible CS.  I will never order from them again.

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Re: Dooney & Bourke On Line Store

I've noticed that if you complain on their Face Book site they help you out right away!  There are tons of complaints about customer service on the regular website.  It's like there is only one person who works there. BUT not true on the FB site.