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Dooney & Bourke Being Sold in QVC Germany!

I checked the QVC Germany page and see that they are now selling Dooney!  I heard Sue say yesterday that she is going to Europe in January - QVC UK, Germany, France, and Italy.  So Dooney is expanding internationally.  I know that Dooneys are already being sold in QVC Japan. 


I just hope that their excellent quality and craftsmanship is maintained and that they use the same top quality factories!

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Re: Dooney & Bourke Being Sold in QVC Germany!

Are Dooney's still being made in the USA?  They showed a video on one of the shows last night in the factory in Connecticut where some whip stitching and other work was being done.  Just curious.  I have several that I purchased at their outlets.

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Re: Dooney & Bourke Being Sold in QVC Germany!

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They make them in the US, in Italy, and in China, I think. I bought a bag from Dooney's site recently, and their customer service person told me that the bag was being made in CT, which surprised me because I thought it would be China. My Dooney Alto bags all say they are made in Italy.