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Dooney Zip Zip...

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Nice sale on the Dooney Website.  22 Colors!  Other bags on sale too and free shipping.

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Re: Dooney Zip Zip...

This bag has a fatal flaw for me. I hate hate hate how the long strap attaches to the short handles. Otherwise I love the bag.

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Re: Dooney Zip Zip...

The Dooney zip zip satchel is a great handbag... for my needs.  It's a good size, but not oversized.  I like the design and easy access and zipper closure.  And I always carry my bags in my hand.


For those who prefer shoulder or cross body handbags,  there are many other styles.   Those don't work for me.  And I don't think the zip zip is an especially good style to meet their needs.   But aren't we fortunate that there are so many handbag options that most of us can find a style

( or 2 or more ) that works well for our needs.  Yes it's frustrating when there is a beautiful handbag that you want,  but you know that there is something about the design that won't work for you.  I drool over lots of Dooney styles and have to remind myself that they won't all fit my needs.  But my collection is overflowing with styles that work well for me.  Smiley Happy