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Dooney color names can be confusing and also inconsistent from style to style and leather to leather.  I have seen the celedon in person in the Dooney store and also in natural light.  The pebbled leather celedon is a medium shade of teal which skews to slightly more green in natural light.   In flourescent lighting the celedon just looks like a medium teal and is very similar to the jeans color.  In  natural light the jeans color looks more blue than the celedon.  


On my TV the celedon looked much more blue than it does in reality.   It's not green,  it's a shade of teal with a fair amount of green in it. 


The celedon is a beautiful color.


They are also showing a teal color in some collections, but it looks nothing like the teal from the Florentine collection of a few years ago.  That teal was much darker.


And the celedon shown this weekend in the logo lock looked much darker than the celedon is in person.

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I stand corrected.  Google Image "celadon color."

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Hey FM!  Yep,  a couple pictures among many comes up sort of as a teal, but celadon, for the most part, has historically been the color below for most of us...  Any way you sllice it, a better descriptor wouldn't have been hard to come up with!


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