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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

 I stopped using my bags so I could have ones to sanitize.

I leave my black nylon shoulder medium bag with wallet, coupons, etc locked in the car trunk. 
  I bought a small clear vinyl cross body bag that holds readers, wet wipes, plastic gloves, Kleenex, store card & credit card. I don't have to put it in a shopping cart. 
  When I come home I wipe both  with Lysol wipes including credit card. I can spray them also and the purse is washable. 
  My Brahmin, Coach, Louis V, D & B  sleep in the closets until Pandemic is over if ever!

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

I have no desire to downsize to a cross body since I hate having a bag hanging on me (as I have mentioned ad nauseum on various handbag threads.)


So my faerie solution to the whole handbag/shopping cart germ thing is this:  I use one of those Marshalls/TJM shopping bags (the kind you buy for $1) and fold down the sides completely; so the bag is basically folded down to half of its height.  It will no longer be as floppy, and it fits perfectly inside the children's seat part of the shopping cart.  My bag rides in there when I'm grocery shopping.  It touches no part of the cart.  


When I'm finished shopping I throw it into the back of the car still folded down for next time.  It's easy to clean with a wipe.


So to answer the original question; I'm still using all of my bags.

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

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@faeriemoon  I am SO with you on the lack of value I see in a crossbody bag. I had no use for them before this situation reared its head and I still have no use for them. 

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

When I lived in Chicago, crossbody bags were my go to because of walking around everywhere - smaller was better. Not so much now for super small, but the crossbody is nice for now with the pandemic. Will be getting rid of some larger bags and some I haven't used in years. A few of my favorite Dooney Florentine bags that I haven't used since not being able to fit my phone aywhere have found new life thanks to a bag organizer I picked up on Amazon. Love them as much now as when I first got them. 

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

@mspatmac   I do the same the things with my bags, and I have a "ridiculous amount" of bags as well. 😄👜👜👜👜👜👜👜

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

I don't collect bags.  I only own one bag.  A Lug.  Prior to that, I carried a real bag.  Made of cloth with a tiny hole at the bottom.  I carried my lunch, umbrella,  my wallet etc.  All the way to work. Now I work from home, so I have one Lug crossbody that fits my phone & has a place for it.  My phone dictates what kind of bag I buy.  Doesn't even have to look good.

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

I do still love my handbags.  I get joy when changing them. Even though I don't go out as much as I use to I still carry them.  As for germs on my bag I never put my handbag in the cart.  It is always on me.  I see so many woman put their purse in the cart and leave it for a minute to get something makes it easy for someone to take it.  

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

This is a great discussion. It just shows how we gals are comitted to our handbags and how some of us have decided to pare down. I find that in this covid crisis, I find myself grabbing 2 of my tote bags (a VB and a M Kors). And then I bought a stadium bag here on QVC from Aimee Kestenberg that I really like for the grab and go activities I do (running to Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot).  I tried selling 3 of my bags awhile ago on Ebay but no luck. I know I will be donating some to Hospice for their retail store. I don't use all my bags, just a few. And have no desire to buy any others. With my 2 totes, and a couple of light weight bags, I am good. 

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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

@jannabelle1 wrote:

I still go a few places weekly - grocery store, Walgreens (and gas station for lottery tickets - haha). I also went to Kohl's a couple of weeks ago, so I still carry a bag. Even though I have a closet full of D&B, Brahmin and a few others, I bought a smaller, coated cottom Michael Kors satchel this year because it's lighter weight than my leather bags. I'll box up a few of the leather bags again this year and send them to my cousin and her daughter....they are always appreciative and it makes me happy that my bags find a new and happy home!



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Re: Do You Still Love Your Bags?

I still love my bags, I just don't carry them as often as I did in the pre Covid days because I don't go out as often.  And now I won't be going out much at all.  I carry a small crossbody when I'm on a short trip,  I did carry a nice bag when we went out to dinner or to visit friends.  Of course, that was when we were eating and socializing outdoors.