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Found this beauty at the Dillard's sale. I have never had a Vince Camuto bag before. This leather is yummy and size of the bag is a med size satchel. Out the door? $74. Vince Camuto bag 2018.jpg

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@retiredgal69  You got a nice one for the price :-)

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thanks! the picture is a little blurry.  I have gotten away from the leather bags but this one really caught my attention. Love those Dillards sales. 

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I'll never forget this.  I went to Dillard's on Labor Day week-end one year.  On their PA system they were playing nothing but Beach Boys music....on and on and on.  I thought I'd lose my mind by the time I got out of that store.  A little of the Beach Boys goes a long way.

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Leather goods this weekend at Dillard's! Shoes and handbags. 

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Nice purse and I love the lamp (I have the same lamp from Valerie).  I wish I had a Dillards near me.  I have shopped at one in Las Vegas and always find things I like there.

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it looks awesome..