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Re: Cigarette smoke and handbags

I did try coffee and a couple of other things I found online, but nothing worked, although the bag smelled like coffee and cigarettes! I don't like the smell of Febreeze. Anyway I sent the 2 bags back. Being on a handbag roll I received one mor AS IS that had the same smell and will return that too. Odd that after all these years it happened so often, and for,the first time. My daughter who has never smoked was not as sensitive to the smell, oddly enough! I still try as is. Got a couple of AMAZING deals with perfect bags. The AS IS Dani I returned and just bought at a clearance price. Yes, S&H is a problem, but I save my returns and pack several together, so I only pay for 1 item. Meanwhile I have 4 or 5 incredible bags, only one new! I especially for an unbelievable,deal on a discontinued as is reduced by $150, no longer available. Wish Imhad bought it in more colors!