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I was at Macy's and Dillard's shopping on Friday and the sales were great.


I bought 2 SakRoots handbags and 1 wallet to match. The bags were $20.00 each which is a good savings. New bags for next summer.


I also shop at thrift stores which I have found nice handbags.


At the Goodwill, they keep their better bags in the case.


Also, Macy's was having the deal of the day. Bought a Fossil wallet for $10.00.


I too, think you can find better sales when you go to the store.


Another thing, these stores don't put out everything at once. So you can ask to see if they have more in the back. I did this the other day. Of course, they don't want people to know that.

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I agree.  I just bought two Kelsi Dagger bags because they were on clearance, but I still bought two!   Plus I caved and bought the Ami Kestenberg upcoming TSV.  It's the most extravagant I've been during such a short period of time (this summer).  I do feel that in the future, I'll just be looking for sales of good bags at the B&M stores.  QVC doesn't offer any real sales, unless they need to get rid of a small quantity or item that just doesn't appeal to the masses.  I don't have a zillion handbags, but I do like to switch it up occasionally.  I also bought a Brahmin on a clearance table at the dept. store.  It was about 60% off and will be great for special occasions (it's black patent leather on one side and calves hair on the other).  So that was my big summer splurge.  I couldn't be happier with the Kelsi Dagger bags (bought the same one in two colors), because they are so comfortable and light to carry, yet they are large and hold a lot.  The leather is huggable.  It's soft but has structure, not that thick elephant skin leather with folds.  Really, lately, I've been trying to just shop at B&M stores (for everything) so I won't be tempted.  The bags are definitely priced way too high for my budget.  I feel guilty, too.  Plus, it often takes me more than 30 days to decide on a bag.  I appreciate the longer return policy at the department stores.  I actually gave away an orYANY that I hated after the 30 days.  It looked like a dirty blob.  Maybe someone else will love it. 

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@Q4u wrote:

The price of good leather as well as jewelry quality hardware is really expensive. Couple that with the artisans who actully make the bag plus the time involved/profit and the price really jumps.  A lot of the expense is also in the name recognition.  You can get an incredibly beautiful leather handbag from unknown Italian designers.  Something really worth checking out.....


I think the expense involved is one of the reasons Tignanello went with leather/vinyl mix bags, which have become more 50/50 rather than only the trim being vinyl.....


I have recently been super impressed with Oryany .... even though I don't tend towards slouchy bags.  I got one of their backpacks and can't believe the leather/hardware and how convenient it is to carry! 

Having worked with a well known luxury leather manufacturer for several years I can tell you it's a seldom known fact how hard and therefore expensive it is to process and 'make' leather. The leather you see on a handbag or jacket does not even remotely resemble what is first procured from the animal. 


It has to go through a long and tedious process to make it into 'leather'. Thus, leather in effect is created through a man-made process from a natural material. You can google this. There is an American leather manufacturer that shows you how leather is made. Then there all all the differences such as if leather is full grain leather or not etc.. 


All leather is not the same. Many manufacturers choose to use more cheaply made leather that will not last as long or wear well. Really good leather is expensive for all the reasons noted above. Making leather is an art that as many know the Italians have mastered. 

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Thank you for posting. It's important to know just why a really good leather bag costs so much.


A lot of it is hype advertising and demand, but those aren't the only factors. And yes, if you really love something (many women love good bags), then you pay what you are willing to pay (or can afford.) It is a choice.

What happens around here and on many other forums, is a type of  holier-than-thou reverse snobbery. They bend over backwards to tell you that they tithe, give to charity, etc. It never fails.

 The undercurrent is "Do as I do..." I have been with these forums many years. Forget 2010 tag under my name--that isn't true." There is always this undercurrent. Disdain for those who spend too $$$ on a bag. I have seen this over and over again.


So spend what you want or if you're able. Or don't spend. Find true joy in your life. I am a purse snob, but I have had my preconcieved notions radically re-defined and reshaped by life's circumstances. I have lost a few friends in the past few weeks. (They died.) So do what you like and find some joy while you're here. And don't let anyone define that for you.

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Hi @redhead65.... QVC tends to charge full retail prices on their handbags.  You should shop around for the bags you like.  You can often find much better deals and sales on other websites.  You are certainly not limited to purchasing handbags from QVC.  I have been shopping with QVC since 1997 or 98.  In all that time I have only purchased perhaps 4 or 5 bags from them.... and have not purchased a single one in years.  Like you .. I have limited time to go to B&M stores ... but just check other websites for the best prices.  HTH.  Maria