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Re: Brahmin purchase 💃🏻👜

@ladycos wrote:
Wow, I would love to see that 33 year old bag, do share and let me drool. I don’t blame you for babying the alma after having it re-vachetted. I bet it’s like a new bag.

My grace has vachetta leather straps and I used the Apple guard to help protect the straps from hand oils and the rain. I have been very careful with it and only carried it twice. But I love it.
I must confess after purchasing the graceful I went back for a neverful in the ebene. I had heard they were phasing out the canvas and I wanted to get it before they did. Who knows!

The NF makes a great work bag and I have carried it daily for work. I don’t feel I have to baby it like I do the graceful.
But the vachetta is so pretty on the graceful.

I hope you post your collection sometime soon.

Product Image 2this isn't mine but it's pretty close to how mine looks