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@Shanus I hear you. Because we don’t have daylight savings time, half the year we’re two hours behind the east coast and the other half it’s three hours. It can get confusing lol.

@tucsongal ....even more confusing one of the times we were vacatioing in AZ and wanted to go to the Indian Reservations. They don't change times at all. Still that way? 


Only the Navajo Nation observes DST. The Hopi do not, which makes it interesting since their Reservation is surrounded by Navajo land. And as @pdlinda pointed out, the state doesn’t change times at all, as it should be 😉

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Really enjoy the Baggallinis, I have three of them, a smaller one and two of the Stephanie design, one of those in camo and the other in black. Very nice. I got tired of the LUG designs